About Green Oasis School
Student traits

                    Student Traits

All students will be given opportunities to develop these over their time at Green Oasis School.

As a Green Oasis School student I am as a Learner……

·         Self-motivated, hardworking, resilient, prepared to ask questions, able to reflect

·         Prepared to use learned knowledge in all subjects and outside of the school environment

·         Willing to listen, work with and respect the opinions of others

·         Responsible for my own learning

·         Enthusiastic about all subjects and extra-curricular activities I take

·         Willing to accept constructive feedback from myself, teachers and my peers

As a Green Oasis School student I have the following social traits…..

·         Caring and able to empathise with others

·         Respect others and their differences

·         Willing to contribute to the surroundings, local community and environment

·         Practice a healthy lifestyle

·         Able to accept and enjoy challenges

·         Be tolerant of others

·         Be actively involved in school life outside of the classroom

As a Green Oasis School student I am……..

·         Honest, Trustworthy

·         Respectful of others and the environment

·         Accepting of others

·         Have a growth mindset

·         Willing to compromise and work with others

·         Have an open and international mindset

·         Aware of different culture and values

·         Able to share with and accept others

As a Green Oasis School student I am:

·         Independent

·         Emotionally Aware

·         Understanding of the importance of good health

·         On time for all activities

·         Prepared to take risks in my learning

·         Patient

·         Adaptable

·         Open minded

·         Confident

·         Understanding of the value of money

·         Aware of the need to be in a safe environment

·         Concerned for the safety and well being of others

·         Able to use technology in a safe and sensible manner