Head Girl

A Message from the Head Girl 2018/19


“Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.” As the Head Girl of Secondary, I am tremendously honoured to be in this position and it is my pleasure to become a member of the Student Council and the Student Leadership Team. I have been a GOS student since Year 7 and I feel immensely grateful for all the support I have received from my friends, classmates and teachers. I believe that it is the same for everyone else. Our school lives are guided by knowledge, inspired by love and they become much more meaningful with all these wonderful people around us. I cannot imagine how bad it could be if I was not given any support from anyone. Without these encouragements, I may not even have had the courage to speak in front of 300 students, the persistence to work hard and the faith to take the first step even if I cannot see the whole staircase.


Green Oasis School provides every student with a sense of community. I feel like everyone is working together towards a common goal. As a member of the Student Council and the Student Leadership Team, we organize school events to support the students, raise awareness of important issues around the globe, allow students to express their own opinions, give advice to students in order to stay healthy and allow every student to fully participate in the events. The school events that we have already organized, with support from all of the GOS students, esteemed members of the Student Council and supportive teachers, are Halloween, White Day (for supporting lung cancer patients), Songkran and Bake Sale. Besides, Student Leadership Team members also put immense effort into creating fantastic activities around the school: we motivate the students to express their opinions and allow them to have student-led ECAs in order to develop their potential and interests; we have monthly held house events such as the Scavenger Hunt and we set up competitions such as the Talent Show and Drawing contest to give everyone an equal chance to shine under the spotlights.

Every student around the school is trying to participate in school events and we are bombarded by the students who zealously offer help to ensure the events are held successfully. It is until now that I realize how powerful community solidarity is and it is the key to success. To sum up, I believe that “we should have a deeper sincerity of motive, a greater courage in speech and earnestness in action” in order to achieve the very best.


In this year, I wholeheartedly believe that every one of us has this dream of making our school a better place; and we are going to realize it en masse. But how? The three most basic ways to achieve it: Start where we are. Use what we have. Do what we can.  Start from today, make each of our breaths count, and we will turn our dream into reality.


Thank You! Lareina Yang (Head Girl 2018/19)