Aims of the GOS Pastoral Procedures

Enable each student to fulfil their potential academically and socially

Provide opportunities for and encourage students to develop individual and social responsibility

Promote student self-awareness and self confidence needed to face the challenges both academic and personal that are placed upon them

Create a positive home-school partnership

Create a caring environment where students are valued for who they are not just what they can do

Be first point of contact – class teachers must refer issues to the form tutor if they see fit. Also be the 'go to' person for members of the form class

Regular contact with parents where and when appropriate

 Guide, counsel, advise, support members of form group

 Encourage group members to get involved in ECA, CCA, house competitions and other school activities

More serious issues referred to Key Stage Coordinators/Head of Secondary and if need be educational counsellor

To reach the stated aims of the school they are key responsibilities for staff, students and parents alike and these are summarized in the Pastoral Policy           document which can be found in the policies section of the website.

Form Tutor System

At Green Oasis we have a form tutor system that consists of a foreign member of staff and a Chinese member of staff. This is done to facilitate more communication between teachers, parents and form tutors. Their roles are as follows:

Home-School Partnership

Green Oasis is committed to developing excellent home-school links. This is achieved through regular contact between parents, form tutors and teachers in a variety of ways. Green Oasis understands that parents play a key role in the development of a young person therefore we encourage regular dialogue between home and school.

Student Voice

Students are the lifeblood of any school and Green Oasis is no different. Each academic year Green Oasis forms a Student           

Council with an elected class rep from each form group. Above this Green Oasis has the position of Head Boy and Head Girl who are elected by students from the whole Secondary school student body.

1 also sees students take up the role of Prefects. This will be for the 1st semester and then during the 2nd semester          

Year 10 will transition into the role of prefect. Prefects are involved in the life of the school and also perform duties such as monitoring of corridors on break and lunchtime.

For more information about our Prefects, Head Boy, Head Girl and Student Council please see the areas on the school website.