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Coffee Mornings

Coffee in the morning session of grade a class provides parents with other parents of students an opportunity to learn to know each other, is also a the best opportunity to directly communicate with the principal, director of the preparatory department concern on the parents in the morning session will effectively promote the continuous increase of school work, such as the semester we issued about manual and set the curriculum guide mechanism is the successful example of HOTPLAY consider home long time arrangement, we will arrange two alternating periods of coffee morning session or the afternoon tea activity All parents are welcome to participate in this year's coffee morning meeting or afternoon tea activity. The specific time schedule is as follows 

1.Tuesday October   14                    coffee morning
2.Wednesday December 23          In the afternoon tea party
3.Monday December 1                coffee morning
4.Thursday February 8               In the afternoon tea party
5.Thursday March 5                     coffee morning
6.Tuesday April 7                       In the afternoon tea party
7.Tuesday may 12                     coffee morning

The principal and the deputy principal of the primary school will attend the morning meeting according to the working conditions of the day.

Parent Committee

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