Uniform Policy

School uniform charging standard


A, Pricelist for School Uniform

B,  School uniforms listing

     1)Summer short-sleeved t-shirts and shorts (girls are short skirts)  * 2 sets

     2)Autumn long sleeve shirt and trousers * 2 sets

     3)Summer sportswear * 2 sets (please confirm sports team first)

     4)Autumn sportswear * 2 sets (please confirm sports team first)

     5)Winter warm coat * 1

     You may order uniforms as you need, above quantities are just for reference.

 School uniform test report:   


School uniform test report

 Order methods :


1.Search and follow the official account in Wechat:”校服礼服购买平台” (the QR code is shown below).


2.Login into the online mall with the student's corresponding account and password. There is no need to log in again after the account is bound.

3. After successfully logging in the account, you can select the corresponding uniform styles according to the gender and the grade of the student in different catalogs. There is a size table for reference on the detail page of each item. Please choose the size carefully according to the height and weight of the student.