About Green Oasis School


School Mission

The mission of Green Oasis School is to pursue excellence by providing an education that develops the potential of every student, in a safe secure environment. One in which all students are valued and develop as thoughtful, responsible members of the international community.

We offer opportunities for students to realise their full potential, through a holistic approach which develops their social, creative, physical and intellectual skills.

Aims of the school
  • To provide a high quality education for all students using an enhanced National Curriculum for England that complies with Chinese Government regulations.

  • To encourage independence and responsibility in students, not only in their studies but in their approach to all endeavours.

  • To provide an education where students gain proficiency in both Chinese and English, to enable all students to be truly bilingual.

  • To provide a safe, happy environment in which every child feels secure and valued.

  • To teach children from different cultures and backgrounds to be aware of and understand the importance of internationalism and intercultural understanding, to equip them for life in a global community.

  • To instil in children appropriate values (a sense of right and wrong) as well as thoughtfulness towards others including those who are less fortunate than themselves.

  • To encourage children to be aware of environmental issues and take measures to ensure their community is nurtured for future generations.

  • To equip children with the skills and qualifications and a strong foundation for their future studies.