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High Quality Learning

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High Quality Learning 

At  Green  Oasis  School  we  believe  that  high quality learning  should  enable  learners  of  all  ages  to  develop 

socially, emotionally and academically. It reflects our Guiding Statements in all aspects.  

To achieve high quality learning school, home, teachers and parents need to work collaboratively for all 

students to be successful. It is an active  process, one in which students are encouraged to research  and 

discover rather than receiving information. GOS believes that students develop the knowledge and tools to 

use strategies they have learned in the classroom and transfer their learning to other subjects and situations. 

High Quality learning for students will include the ability to: 

Demonstrate commitment, motivation and enthusiasm for their learning 

Stimulated,  inspired  and  challenged  to  work  towards  targets  that  are  understood,  achievable  and 

appropriate to their ability and level  

Build upon prior learning and make good progress in line with their ability 

Understand their strengths and areas for development as learners, members of the school community 

and global citizens  

Be  able  to  apply  strategies  and  knowledge  they  have  learned  in  the  classroom  and  transfer  these  to 

other subjects and real world situations 


Develop self‐management skills and take responsibility and ownership of their learning 

Be able to evaluate their own work and reflect on the outcomes  

Work independently and collaboratively and are given encouragement and support to do so effectively 

Appreciate and respect the concerns, views and feelings of others within the school, community and the 

wider world 

Thrive on active learning and be able to research, understand and apply knowledge/skills/strategies and 

not just expect to be given the information 

They evaluate their own work and reflect on the outcomes and are stimulated, inspired and challenged 

and are working towards targets that are understood and achievable.  

High Quality Teaching  

At Green Oasis School we are committed  to  fostering  a  culture  of  learning  through  using  a  range  of 

approaches  that  inspire  engage  and  challenge  learners  of  all  ages.  This  will  occur  when  students  are 

nurtured in positive, supportive relationships that allow every student to feel safe, valued and respected as 

learners. We encourage our teachers to use a range of approaches to learning.  


 To achieve High Quality Teaching at Green Oasis teachers will: 

demonstrate  deep  knowledge  and  understanding  of  the  subjects  they  teach.  They  use  questioning 

highly  effectively  and  demonstrate  understanding  of  the  ways  students  think  about  subject  content. 

They identify students’ common misconceptions and act to ensure they are corrected.  

plan  lessons  effectively,  making  maximum  use  of  lesson  time  and  coordinating  lesson  resources  well. 

They manage students’ behaviour highly effectively with clear rules that are consistently enforced. 

provide  adequate  time  for  practice  to  embed  the  students’  knowledge,  understanding  and  skills 

securely. They introduce subject content progressively and constantly demand more of students. They 

recognise  that  every  individual  is  unique  and  plan  for  differentiation  and  individualisation  of  learning. 

Phonics teaching is highly effective in enabling students to tackle unfamiliar words. 

check  students’  understanding  systematically  and  effectively  in  lessons,  offering  clearly  directed  and 

timely support.  

provide  students  with  incisive  feedback,  in  line  with  the  school’s  assessment  policy,  about  what 

students can do to improve their knowledge, understanding and skills. The students use this feedback effectively.  

set challenging homework, in line with the school’s policy and as appropriate for the age and stage of students, that consolidates learning, deepens understanding and prepares students for work to come.  

utilises the school’s facilities and the wider context of the school and its surrounds. 

Teachers  are  determined  that  students  achieve  well.  They  encourage  students  to  try  hard,  recognise  their 

efforts  and  ensure  that  students  take  pride  in  all  aspects  of  their  work.  Teachers  have  consistently  high 

expectations of all students’ attitudes to learning.