Head Boy

A Message from the Head Boy of 2018/19


The experience of being the Head Boy at GOS is beyond extraordinary. Not only do you get to create events, you also get to communicate, and work with teachers and students you may never have met before, always helping you in any way possible. At GOS, we mainly organise events, such as Halloween, Songkran and charitable events. The satisfaction of finishing an event is one of the most comforting feelings, since all your efforts have been successful. Through hours of planning, hours of typing, hours of meetings, a sense of pride is definitely experienced. Without a doubt, this could not be achieved without the help of the teachers and students helping and/or guiding me along the planning process, as well as the execution of each event.

All in all, it is an honour to be the Head Boy at GOS, although challenging, it is one of the key experiences I will cherish throughout my life.

Thank you!


Harrison Ma (Head Boy 2018/19)