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The Golden Ticket Program - Reinforcing Positive Behaviour and Building Student Engagement

The Golden Ticket Program - Reinforcing Positive Behaviour and Building Student Engagement

Article/Carel West


Photos/ Christy



As parents, we all want the best for our children, especially when it comes to their education and overall development. Ensuring that our children receive the right support and encouragement is vital in shaping their behaviour and social skills. Today, we are excited to introduce you to an innovative system called the "Golden Ticket Program" that has been implemented within the multi-tiered system of support in schools. This program aims to proactively meet the behavioural and social needs of students while reinforcing positive behaviours and expectations.


Research has shown that students respond best to positive reinforcement. With the Golden Ticket Program, teachers can immediately acknowledge positive student behaviour, creating a supportive and encouraging environment. By providing students with tangible rewards for their efforts, this program fosters increased motivation, buy-in, and student effort.



The heart of the Golden Ticket Program lies in the tangible rewards it offers to students. Through the program, students earn "golden tickets" as a form of acknowledgement for their positive behaviour. These golden tickets hold immense value as they allow students to engage in fun activities during break time with their friends.

Imagine your child having the opportunity to play games like giant Jenga, Tetris, chess, water brush painting, connect-4, and many more. The range of activities available ensures that every student can find something they enjoy. By redeeming their golden tickets during break time, students not only get to have a great time with their friends but also receive a gold star sticker as an additional reward.


The impact of the Golden Ticket Program extends beyond just students. The excitement and happiness it brings have been outstanding, with students even inviting their teachers to join them during break times. This program has created an avenue for stronger teacher-student connections, fostering a positive and inclusive school environment.

The response from teachers regarding the Golden Ticket Program has been overwhelmingly positive. Teachers have witnessed firsthand the increased motivation and effort displayed by students. By incorporating this incentive-based acknowledgement system, teachers have found a new way to create a culture of positivity and respect within their classrooms.



With the success and positive outcomes observed, the aim is to continue growing the Golden Ticket Program. By expanding the range of activities and rewards, this program can further enhance student engagement and promote positive behaviour throughout the school community.

The Golden Ticket Program stands as a shining example of how positive reinforcement and tangible rewards can significantly impact student behaviour and overall engagement. By implementing this program within the multi-tiered system of support, schools are taking proactive steps to meet the behavioural and social needs of their students. Let us embrace and support initiatives like the Golden Ticket Program, as they play a crucial role in shaping our children's educational journey and fostering a positive school environment where every student can thrive.