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Year 1 Chinese Language Project

Year 1 Chinese Language Project

Article/ Y1 Chinese Team  Dawn Lily

Photo/ Christy  Jodie

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At the end of summer, GOS welcomed our new students.

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In order to help Year 1 students establish connections with their classes and school community members, and build their self-awareness and sense of security in the new environment, Year 1 Chinese teachers planned the first project of the "GOS Seedlings".

In this project, children need to complete three tasks to receive the "GOS Tree" medal - proving that they are ready to be primary school students.


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Who I am

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We have created our own self introduction tree poster based on the unique "GOS tree", and pasted it inside the school. We hope everyone can "see" us and get to know us.

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8 自我认知海报3 - 副本.JPG

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Listen to me

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After creating the self introduction poster, we conducted a self introduction speech based on our own poster, so that everyone could "listen" to us. Who has the same dream as me? Scan the QR code to watch videos.


Help me with questions

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After our introductions, we also have many questions about GOS and primary school life. We look forward to your answer.

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The students completed three tasks. Ms.Anne awarded the "GOS Tree" medal to each Year 1 student in the ceremony. It represents that they are primary school students!

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At GOS, we believe that the connection between people is the foundation of all relationships. We hope to build a safe, harmonious, and beautiful growth environment for children through various educational activities and methods, helping every child grow up to a towering tree in this nutrient-rich soil.

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