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The Aliens Are Here

The Aliens Are Here

·Author/Andrya Rivero ·

·Translator/ Bella Chen ·

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Green Oasis School had an extraordinary visit this month. We could not believe our eyes when we all went to see that an alien spaceship had crashed on our school grounds.

On a Monday morning, one of our teachers came rushing into our classroom to let us know that something incredible had happened. 

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We left our classroom hurriedly, and then we could see it: A huge silver craft on the floor on one of our school terraces. Next to it, there were many kinds of different materials scattered everywhere. It was the kind of mess one finds after a typhoon!

Our mission was then given to us by our teachers: Collect three different samples and take them to the classroom.

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We were all wearing goggles to protect our eyes and magnifiers to observe each piece of material in close detail. It was an arduous work to carefully choose the right pieces and collect them for further evaluation. It took us an important amount of time to pick each sample. All students from year one worked diligently to complete our mission and return to our classrooms safely.

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Once in our classrooms, we shared our thoughts and felt excited of our accomplishments. The camaraderie that emerged during the morning investigation lasted the entire day. We were all there working, sharing, and learning together. We are learning how teamwork can help us to achieve more and we are getting better at it.

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The following lesson was about speculating what kind of creature was inside that alien spacecraft and most of year one students came up with breath-taking drawings which depicted fabulous imaginary aliens. They were all different and it was fantastic to learn how to describe both their physical appearance and personality traits. We wish we could really get to meet some of those fantastic friendly extra-terrestrial creatures one day.

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As we completed our mission, we knew it was only the beginning. We soon grew interested in learning more about the materials we found and those that could be outside our planet.

As we started learning about space we asked ourselves questions like: How does a spaceship travel? Who was inside that spaceship? What is up there in space? What kind of beings are there in the universe? Who oversees space research? Who has been into space?

That morning will never be forgotten! Now, the more we know about space the more we want to learn!

There are still so many questions that will surely soon be answered.