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Year 2&4 Park Week

Year 2&4 Park Week

Author/Ms.Angela Borucki Mr.David Harrison

Translator/Judy  Natalie 

Photos by/ Y2 Parent Volunteer  

                                         Jodie Yang from WeChat Group       

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GOS celebrated Park Week with a series of excursions to the park for each year group.

Y2's  insect unit

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Huanggang Park is a gorgeous green space, full of trees, flowers, birds and bugs.  What better place for year two students to explore and hunt for insects!  We like to call them Minibeasts!  

Visiting the mountainous park was the perfect outdoor expedition for Year 2 students.  The children had learned so many facts about bugs from all around the world.  Finally, it was time to put their knowledge to the test.

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Everyone was excited about which insects they would find.  The kids were curious to observe wildlife in its natural habitat.  But the big question was, given their camouflage, smallness, and speed … “Could we catch any living bugs?!”

To help them, the children had magnifying glasses and observation capsules.  As well as bucket-loads of sneakiness, tons of skill and an ocean of determination.   

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It was so amazing!  The kids spotted heaps of creepy crawlies at the park: spiders, millipedes, snails, ants, ladybirds, slugs, butterflies and beetles.

The highlights of the fieldtrip were riding on the bus, finding bugs in their microhabitats and strolling around the park chatting with friends.

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A big thanks to all the parents who came along and helped keep the children safe. 

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Throughout the Wriggle n Crawl unit, children undertook many interesting activities and challenges. They learned about all sorts of insects and their English skills improved enormously.  Here are a few of our favourite experiences from the unit:

· Hunting for minibeasts around the school gardens.

· Making insect hotels so more insects thrive at the school.

· Researching the intricate world of bees.

· Making 3D life-like insect models.

· Using the iPads to make stop-motion videos.

· Writing insect poems in the shape of insects!

· Coding computer algorithms.

· Crafting detailed observational drawings.

· Going on our fieldtrip to Huanggang Park.

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Year 4's Misty Mountains

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In Year 4, students visited Huangang Park to measure contour lines. Last semester, contour lines were introduced to the classes during the Misty Mountains unit. Students were excited for the chance to review contour lines in a practical setting! They set off from the west gate and explored the park. They followed their maps, identifying the route they took and drawing contour lines as they went. Students were encouraged to identify if the hills around them were steep or gentle, and to draw the appropriate lines to match them. This was a challenge for students as it was their first practical experience drawing contour lines and, for many, their first time reading a map!

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This was also the first time for many students to go on a school outing. Well done to the Year 4 students, who listened to their teachers and stayed on task. Well done on being responsible, safe and respectful throughout the outing!

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