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Walking to Turkey

Walking to Turkey

AuthorNatalie Panovic ·  Translator:  Christy Chen·

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On 6th February 2023, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake occurred in southern Turkey near the northern border of Syria. It was the most devasting earthquake in over 20 years to affect this region. 

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After hearing the devastating news about the earthquake, which has caused so much destruction and loss to Turkey and Syria, Green Oasis School decided to do something to help! The students were asked to spend time discussing different ways in which we could raise money to send to the people of Turkey and Syria. After much deliberation, we collectively decided on sponsored laps of our running track. 

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Between 27th February to 3rd March, each of our students were set the task of walking or running a minimum of 15 laps of the GOS track. We calculated that this would accumulate to around 8000 laps as a total for the school. Turkey is around 8000km away from Shenzhen, so our objective was to walk or run to Turkey as a school. The support and motivation demonstrated by the GOS students was incredible! 

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The main leadership of this event rested with our student council representatives of each class and our head boy/ head girl team in Year 6. They were given the responsibility of recording the total laps of each of the students in their class. They did a great job and worked extremely well within each of their classes, with the additional support of the head boy and girl teams in the Year 1 classes. 

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The students were able to walk their laps in the morning before registration, mid- morning break and in their lunch times. Many students also achieved extra laps in their Physical Education classes and After School Activity lessons. The dedication and hard work the students put into walking or running their laps was inspiring. Every morning, there were countless students out on the track walking with their classmates, trying to earn those extra laps before the school bell rang. 

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By Friday afternoon, the total number of student laps was collected and calculated, with the final figure being an amazing 15,346 laps completed. The students and staff of GOS are immensely proud with this final lap count. More importantly, it highlights the commitment and devotion of the GOS student-body to this fundraising event. 

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