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Parent Visit to School Canteen and Catering Company

Parent Visit to  School Canteen and Catering Company 

By: Ivy Chen  Translator: Sicily Zhang·   Support Service Department·

To help parents understand the real situation of student lunch, ensure that children eat safely in school and parents can be reassured, on the morning of February 23rd, the school invited parent representatives from various year groups to visit the school canteen and conduct an on-site inspection of the central kitchen of the catering company.

The school provided a detailed explanation and demonstration of the overall situation of on-campus lunch, including dining environment, qualifications of catering company, and the school's strict supervision and management processes.

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After a detailed understanding of the various supervisory and management work on school lunch, the parent representatives went down to the student canteen to actually see the dining environment, including information bulletin boards, on-site facilities and equipment, and dining arrangements, etc..

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Finally, the parent representatives went to the central kitchen of the catering company for an on-site inspection. The central kitchen of the catering company is located 20 minutes away from the school and is the largest central kitchen distribution center in Nanshan District.

Parents arrived the central kitchen.

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Parents inspected the storage of raw materials and seasonings.

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Parents examined the environment of the rough processing area.

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Parents examined the production environment of processing and cooking area.

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Parents inspected the processing and production environment of the serving area.

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After a series of careful inspections, the parents gained a deep understanding of various aspects of the catering company’s background, central kitchen's qualifications, raw material supply, processing and production processes, heat preservation and distribution, personnel management and training, etc., and their previous doubts about food safety and hygiene were resolved. At the meeting, parent representatives tasted the student lunch of the day on the spot and added discussions. Guarding the food safety on campus is the constant goal of the school. We look forward to the cooperation between family and school to protect the healthy growth of children. We will also work together with parents to ensure that children eat safely, healthily, and happily.