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Experiencing history - through research and investigation

Experiencing history 

through research and investigation

By Mr.Jack Ross·   Translator: Ms.Jojo Lin·


This semester we have started our new unit titled ‘I am Warrior’, the students were excited and enthusiastic to be able to explore the topic of the Romans. We began our learning journey by understanding the origins of the Roman empire, through research and investigation we came to understand the motivations for Julius Caesar’s invasion of Britain and the key events throughout the attack.

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To reenact the war between the Celts and the Romans we created a range of shields used by legionnaires (soldiers). The children used their artistic talents and historical research to choose appropriate shield shapes, choosing oval and rectangle shields to represent the strategic tactics of the Romans and round circular shields for the Celts.

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Recalling their knowledge from the timeline research the children recreated ‘freeze frames’ of Boudicca’s rebellion, making sure to use facial expressions and props to demonstrate the emotions and feelings of the soldiers and historical figures. These freeze frames gave the children a glimpse into the life of a solider, the children used these first-hand experiences to add their own detailed description to these scenes, including key literary skills such as similes, alliteration and varied vocabulary to truly be able to describe in detail the emotions felt by these soldiers.

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Looking forward to seeing children enjoying their learning journey about this topic and achieving great results.