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Experience the fun of different cultures - Trick Or Treat!"

Experience the fun of different cultures - Trick Or Treat!"

- Art Department-

In order to help children experience different festival cultures, the Art Department arranged Halloween experience activities for children to make a series of Halloween handicrafts and drawings.



Recently we have been making drawings for our Halloween display. The children enjoy this celebration and have been doing pictures of all kinds of Halloween characters and creatures including Monsters, Vampires, Zombies and Witches as well as Bats, Skulls and Pumpkins.

All the drawings were completed in pencil and then black marker and coloured before being cut out ready for display.

The pictures were displayed on the wall in the corridor outside the Art room next to the Auditorium so the whole school could enjoy them.

The display is a montage of green slime with tombstones, a stone coffin with a giant bat circling overhead!





‘Trick or treat’! The most anticipated part of the annual Halloween event is the ‘trick or treat’ activity. In previous years, children knocked on doors with prepared bags to ask for candy in neighborhoods. This year children plan to do pumpkin bags by themselves. Let’s see how Year 4 students made pumpkin bags. First, they cut the different sizes of paper and then glued them. Finally, they designed the face of the pumpkin. They all felt excited because they would take elaborate pumpkin bags to ask for candies.






According to Halloween day, we study to make some paper ghosts with year 2 and year 3 students. In art class, on some special days, we like to play some videos that are related to it; and also make some craftwork with the children. It helps them to take more notice of each special day, and it can also give them more chances to make different types of artwork. The children can practice their manipulative ability through the way we make the craft work, especially for the younger children. Obviously, they did a great job, and enjoy it. In the end, happy Halloween to you all, and trick or treat?!