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Lunchtime is one of the children’s favorite moments every day, joy and laughter are in the air!


Students from different year levels will have meals in different places. Senior students will eat in the dining hall and have lunches in designated areas.


Young children eat in their classrooms. Lunch will be delivered to the classroom every day.



Canteen management and food safety have always been the focus of the school's work, and we have always insisted on it. Over the years, GOS has formed a tripartite supervision mechanism with the canteen catering company and the supervision management department. The school is responsible for planning, managing, and supervising the daily work of the catering company, and cooperates with the supervision department and the market supervision department to regularly inspect the school canteen. The management rating of the catering company ensures the quality of school catering in many aspects and ensures food safety for children.

Regular management of school meal 

School monitors the daily lunch process before it is safely delivered to the students table. School Food Safety Supervisor follows up the lunch delivery process every day. She checks the cleaning list and disinfection of utensils, checks the seals of lunch car and thermal insulation buckets, review the central temperature of dishes, inspects the cleanliness and staff operation process in the dining hall, and confirms the variety and grams of samples. Through the supervision and monitor of the whole process of the school lunch, the food safety management work is comprehensively controlled as a whole, and every catering steps are supervised to meet the corresponding operating norms.



The class teachers of each class will have lunch with students in the classroom or canteen. Senior leaders will take turns to the canteen every day according to the duty issued at the beginning of each semester. They will evaluate the temperature and taste of the dishes on the day, and urge the supplier to seek improvements.



After the daily lunch time, the canteen will immediately clean and sterilize the tableware in an all-round way, carry out daily deep cleaning of the restaurant, and complete the inspection and registration.




School Meal Standards

School has always attached great importance to the safety of children's meals at school. Xinhui Catering Service Management Co., Ltd., as the supplier of our school lunch, has the HACCP certification and ISO22000 certification, and the food safety quantitative certification is A-level. The school reviews the qualifications of the catering company every year to ensure the compliant operation of the catering company.



Professional Guidance and Joint Inspection

Food safety has always been the focus of campus management. Supervision and inspection of catering company are very important. School Food Safety Supervisor supervises and inspects the canteen every day from every aspect, ensuring the food safety through continuous management.


In addition to daily management and self-inspection, school and catering company have received supervision and inspection from bureau and government. The market supervisory authority and the Futian Education Bureau will conduct two to three times food safety inspections and guidance each semester. 


On October 17, Huafu Market Supervision and Administration Bureau and Futian Education Bureau inspected our canteen

In addition to the daily supervision from school, the catering company has been continuously inspected and supervised by the higher authorities. The market supervisory authorities of different levels have conducted surprise inspections monthly.



Monthly unannounced inspection of the central kitchen by the Market Supervision Administration


In order to ensure that the children could get enough nutrition, the catering company has dietitians to design the menu according to the nutritional analysis of raw materials and seasonal ingredients. The school lunch consists of one main dish, two side dishes and one kind of vegetables, which paired with fruit or milk, ensuring the use of fresh ingredients and balanced nutrition for students. The canteen offers a choice of soup for children every day. While ensuring that food is not wasted, children could have extra foods according to their preferences and appetite .School also releases menus and photos regularly in official account. 





The epidemic situation for more than two years has brought many challenges to the daily operation of the school. In the absence of free access to the campus, the school is fully aware of the growing concern of parents about food safety and other issues. Next, the school will further improve the family-school communication mechanism and actively share more information about canteen management and food safety with parents on a regular basis on the premise of continuously ensuring the normalized management of food safety. At the same time, we will also continue to collect feedback from parents and students on meals, cooperate with meal providers, and try our best to improve every detail of school meal supply. If you have any questions, please contact the head of the school's Support service department through the hotline 83959000-605. Guarding the food safety on campus is the constant goal of the school. We look forward to the cooperation between family and school to protect the healthy growth of children.