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Chinese New Year Greeting

Chinese New Year Greeting 

From the Principal



On behalf of the Oasis Schools I would like to wish all our families and friends a very Happy New Year for the Year of the Tiger. As the Tiger is known as the king of all beasts in China here is hoping for a grand year ahead.


Tigers being a symbol of strength and braveness my hope is all our students face this year with the same strength and braveness as the Tiger. During these times it is easy to become discouraged and feel like nothing is going to get better. But, just like the Tiger we need to be brave and to find a purpose to never give up. This requires an inner strength and determination to not let things get us down. It is not necessarily physical strength but one that comes from within and can be very quiet.


We hope all our students have this at their core. Our Vision reflects this as well. Our students are inspired to excellence which means it comes from within them. As Oasis students we nurture them to take risks, meet challenges and above all show us what they can do. Education for Oasis students is about knowing how to find the answer, how to discover new concepts and ideas and how to solve a tricky problem. This is just like a Tiger who has the strength and bravery to meet challenges and overcome them.



Let us hope we can be just like the Tiger in all we do during 2022. Have a safe and happy holiday everyone, take care and keep safe.

Helen Swan