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Potions in 4O

Potions in 4O

Author: Ms.Joanne Slatter   Translator: Ms.Florence Ye

4O have had an incredible start to Year 4 with the first unit which is titled 'Potions'. The unit is based on 'States of matter' which are solids, liquids and gases. First of all, they learnt about the properties of each and how to sort them. Then we conducted lots of exciting experiments in the Science lab. We tested how runny liquids were by sending them down some plastic tubes. Ketchup was so slow and took about 10 minutes to finally fall into the sink. We wrote predictions, results and conclusions together in a group.

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We also tried and failed to freeze a bubble. Ms Jo blamed the freezer as there were 2 doors to open so the bubbles kept bursting. This is possible to do so maybe you can try at home. The children had great fun blowing the bubbles and then trying to get them inside the freezer. They also came up with creative ways that this could work like blowing the bubbles directly into the freezer.

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The children also inflated balloons using bicarbonate of soda and different types of vinegar. All of the children predicted that the balloons would burst but none of them did. The brown vinegar was the best as it fizzed up and travelled back into the balloon. This proved tricky removing the balloon from the bottle.

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During topic lessons, we designed, made and painted our own potion bottle. The labels were made in English lessons then added to some of the bottles.

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We have also drawn our own interpretation of the 'Love Potion' art work by Evelyn De Morgan. Glitter, coloured card, pipe cleaners and stars were also used to make hearts.

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During English lessons we have learnt about anesthetics and the history of them. We have read Romeo and Juliet and wrote an alternative ending as a play. The children's choices were far nicer than what actually happened with most children wanting them to run away and live happily. Many children also wanted the families to stop fighting and be happy for their children. The children have also written poems based on Macbeth. They have put horrible things into a potion and used rhyming words for effect.

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The children have learnt so much already. They have also learnt to collaborate with each other and make group decisions. Creativity has shown through in all lessons and the children are really good at expressing themselves. Well done 4O a great start to the year and keep up the hard work.