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Playground Update

Playground Update

                               Anne Stock (Vice Principal AcademicsPhotos/Ms. Christy Chen               



Welcome !!! It has been an exciting start to the year.  All of our new students are in and settled; we are back in our routines and learning is up and running. Ms. Swan celebrated the start of the new year by sharing two of her favourite books with Years 1, 2 and 3, which remind us of the importance of saying Please and Thank you, especially to Mr. Panda (more Mr. Panda assemblies to come).



As part of our new academic year celebrations, we had hoped to have our new playground equipment up and running.  Unfortunately, covid and rain delays have meant the suppliers are still installing it but this has helped to ramp up the excitement.  Every day a different group of children ask me when it is going to open and if they can play on it.  The excitement is twofold as this year we have chosen to install a second play equipment area for the older children so they can join in the fun.  


Last Friday was very noisy as the two old trees in the play area were removed with pneumatic drills playtime was still louder than the drills.  Over the weekend the trees were replaced with two new ones so the tree house could be installed yes, I said tree house. Looking at the equipment today we think the tunnel chute will drop down from the tree house so the children can climb up and slide down. Also being installed are climbing nets, xylophones, drums, walkways and so much fun stuff. 


We are excited about our new playground – please keep watching for photos of our opening day!