Principal's Greeting

Helen.jpgIt gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the new Green Oasis School Website. I hope you enjoy learning about the school and celebrating our achievements. Please feel free to visit often as the site will be updated regularly.

Green Oasis School offers a unique education in the heart of one of the most vibrant cities in China. Just like the city of Shenzhen with a population made of people from not only the whole of China but from the international community, GOS understands the global community is shrinking. It is important for our students to have a global perspective and experience internationalism while still celebrating the importance of the culture and language of China. 

To that end Green Oasis aims for academic excellence in all we do.Our Vision:    

        EDUCATE          NURTURE         INSPIRE EXCELLENCE        

Is at the heart of all we do at the School and all our programmes both academic and extra-curricular stem from them. The school follows and enhanced National Curriculum for England from Year 1 through to Year 9. In Years 10 and 11 our cohort studies for the IGCSE and GCSE examinations through Cambridge and Edexcel examination boards. While the main body of teaching is in English all children are taught Chinese. We aim for every child to be bilingual, being proficient in both English and Chinese and thus truly able to experience and immerse themselves in the best that the East and West have to offer. 

The primary and secondary sections of Green Oasis are led by enthusiastic and experienced teachers in Anne Stock, Head of Primary and Robert Ledlie as Head of Secondary. They manage highly qualified teams of both overseas and local teachers to ensure your child is getting the best of both worlds. The school continually strives to improve the curriculum and ensure your children have the skills and knowledge they need to stand them in good stead not just through their formal education but for the rest of their lives. 

We are proud of the academic achievements of our students and of the progress they make at all stages of their education. We are equally proud of our extensive range of activities for students outside the classroom. Students are given a choice of a wide range of opportunities in sports, arts and community service which enhance the formal curriculum. We promote a holistic approach to education where students are encouraged to be involved outside the classroom and to reach their full potential in all they do.        

To support the above Green Oasis has both an EAL and learning support departments. This gives opportunities for each child to flourish through building on their learning experiences in significant ways. We ensure that we cater for individual student abilities and learning styles through a method called differentiation. We aim to ensure that each student has the means to maximize their true potential in a meaningful and supportive context.        

Green Oasis prides itself on giving students the best and that includes our grounds and buildings. There are a number of specialist rooms including science and ICT laboratories, art, music rooms as well as facilities to offer a wide range of activities in physical education to name a few. All classrooms are fitted with the latest in modern technology. There is also a parent portal which enables parents, teachers and students to communicate immediately there is a need.

All the above ensures our students grow into independent, confident and creative young adults ready to face the challenges life has for them.

Green Oasis welcomes visitors to the school to see the above in action. Please contact the school for further information and a time for you to see for yourselves the excellent work being achieved by our students. We look forward to working with students, parents and teachers in creating an even more exciting future for this truly unique and inspiring school. Thank you.

Helen Swan

Principal 31/8/2018