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GREEN OASIS SCHOOL – An Accredited Council of International School


It is with great pleasure and pride that I have the honour of announcing GOS has gained the much coveted Accreditation from the Council of International Schools. CIS is the world premier accreditation authority for schools internationally and we have met all the criteria and standards required for accreditation. Well done and congratulations to all our community. CIS states that:


“The award of CIS accreditation shows that Green Oasis has achieved high standards of professional performance in international education and has a commitment to continuous improvement. In particular, the award of accreditation shows that the school:

  • Is devotedto its mission and vision for students

  • Hasthought deeply about the services it offers to students, family andcommunity.

  • Investsthe time and resources for validation from a globally-recognizedaccreditation authority

  • Focuses onthe quality of teaching, student learning, as well as student safeguardingand well-being

  • Iscommitted to the development of the students’ global citizenship

  • Has asuitable philosophy of education suitable for its students

  • Promisesonly what it can deliver

  • Is open toregular evaluation by its own school community and peer evaluators

  • Constantlyseeks improvement in all areas of the school plans strategically for thefuture.

The quality and rigour of CIS International Accreditation is recognized by ministries and departments of education around the world. The CIS International Accreditation process has been validated and is recognized by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Commission on Accreditation, a body which “accredits the accreditors” in the United States.”

This could not have been achieved with the support and efforts of our whole community. I would like to thank the Board of GOS, the staff, parents and students for their support, efforts and participation in the process. It has taken 3 years since we applied for membership to gaining the award. All the hard work and the many hours of writing which was put in by all was worth it. Again thank you to everyone involved.

We are now one of only a few schools in Shenzhen to have gained this Accreditation, it is something to be very proud of. This does not mean we rest on our efforts, it means we will continue to strive and continue to live our Vision.

A final thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey – WE DID IT!!!!

Helen Swan